10 Destinations to View the Northern Lights

Posted on Jul 2, 2017 | Travel Tips |

Every traveller should see the Northern Lights if they possibly can and here are 10 destinations where you can:

1) Alaska

Alaska is right in the zone for viewing the aurora borealis so you are almost guaranteed a great natural light show if you venture to this US state. Moving out of the city into the frosty countryside is a must to see the lights in all their glory.

2) Denmark

The Danes also get a good view of the Northern Lights and this is an interesting country to visit anyway. Green is the most common colour you are likely to see from Denmark and you can spy the lights from the mainland or small islands off the coast.

3) Scotland

You can see the Northern Lights just north of the border in Scotland if you get favourable weather. Unfortunately cloud can spoil your view of this wonderful spectacle but when it breaks Scotland is as good a place as any to see the aurora borealis.

4) Canada

There are some prime viewing spots in Canada, from Ontario to Canada’s back country tundra. The vast wilderness of Canada makes this an amazing experience and this will be a trip to remember.

5) Norway

Companies such as Hurtigruten offer great experiences of the Northern Lights in Norway. You can see the lights from the land or go on exciting cruises and see them by sea.

6) Greenland

Greenland has been a lure to explorers for years and travellers are still drawn there for the summer midnight sun and the Northern Lights, which can only be seen in the winter. Most parts of Greenland are ideal for a great view of the lights.

7) Finland

Here you can stay in cosy chalets and you can even get an Aurora Alarm, a device which beeps when the lights become visible so you don’t have to sit out in the cold all night.

8) Iceland

Iceland is a great choice because you can enjoy the exciting city life of Reykjavik but then head out into the tundra to view one of nature’s greatest wonders.

9) Russia

If you fancy a big trip Russia could be the answer. In northern Russia you have a very good chance of seeing the Northern Lights, and in this mysterious country there is much more to discover too.

10) Sweden

Sweden is another modern country where you can enjoy all mod cons, but then head out to see the lights. Swedish Lapland is a recommended spot.

Image by Moyan_Brenn