4 Exciting Free Things to Do in Dublin

Posted on Oct 19, 2016 | Travel Health |

Are you looking to visit the Emerald Isle, but not looking to spend a lot of green? Well, then you must have the luck of the Irish, because Dublin, Ireland’s capital, is full of fun and free things to do. So just book your hotel in Dublin via venere.com, and get out there and be entertained and charmed!

1. National Museums

A great place to start is with Dublin’s collection of national museums – all of which boast absolutely no admission fee. These three museums each have a different theme: Archaeology, Decorative Arts & History, and Natural History. All are easily accessible and offer you an introduction to Ireland’s incredible history and culture. If ancient artifacts are more your thing, check out the Archaeology Museum on Kildare Street. More into the arts? That museum is on Benburb Street; and Ireland’s full natural history is on display on Merrion Street.

2. Walk St. Stephen’s Green

After a day inside at the museums, you might want to take a stroll outside for some fresh air. The famous St. Stephen’s Green is found at the top of Grafton Street – a great place to visit in its own right as a destination for some killer (window) shopping. The Green itself covers around 9 hectares, and dates back to the Victorian era. It is a great place to walk, lounge, or feed the ducks bobbing around in the central pond.

3. Plan for a festival

Dublin is also known for its many cultural festivals throughout the year, and planning your visit to coincide with one of them will guarantee you a plethora of low cost and high fun activities. Traditional Irish music and culture is on display during January’s TradFest, closely followed by February’s Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. April sees a prawn festival, and May features dance and writing festivals. Looking to come over the summer? In July, Dublin hosts the World Street Performance Championships, followed by Ukulely Hooley in August. Of course, you might not want to miss Dublin’s biggest festival of all – the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in mid-March.

4. Take in some street art

Even if you don’t make it during a festival, the streets of Dublin are always alive with the sound of music. Dublin has a huge busking culture, and when you consider which great acts have come out of the city – including U2 and Thin Lizzy – you can rest assured that there is quite a bit of talent still playing on the sidewalks for change. Walk up and down Grafton Street, around Temple Bar, and Dublin’s other busiest parts and treat yourself to constant and ever changing symphony. They won’t all be rockstars, but there are more diamonds in the rough than you might think!

Image by  Wojtek Gurak