A Diving Vacation at Sipadan

Posted on Apr 11, 2017 | Travel Tips |

There are many destinations to go to for vacations worldwide especially if you like diving. There are even very many of such destinations in Asia. However, none of these destinations can bring out the best of you in terms of diving the way such an experience at the Sipadan Island can. As a matter of fact, numerous divers have always had Sipadan on the top of their list as the destination of choice for diving. This destination s made famous by Jacques Cousteau has been rated as among the premier destinations in world for divers. This island is located off the Sabah coast in the Celebes Sea was formed as a result of living corals growing on an extinct volcano many thousands of years ago. It remains to be the only Malaysian volcanic island even today. Sipadan is just in the Indo-Pacific basin center which is home to among the highest number of marine life species worldwide.

sipadanBargeSipadan boasts of over 3,000 fish species as well as coral species in their hundreds. There are numerous diving points on the Sipadan Island. All the dive sites are rich in their own unique way in terms of fish and coral species. The dive sites include:

Barracuda Point: This is one of the top dive spots on this island. Just as the name suggest, here the barracuda normally appear in large numbers and in most cases end up forming a vortex that is large enough to block the sun’s rays. Apart from the barracuda you will also be able to find reef sharks that are normally attracted by the strong currents resting at the bottom of the channel.

South Point: This is a dive point that attracts professional divers looking for a challenge thanks to the strong currents experienced here. Apart from reef sharks, you will be able to view an assortment of rays which include eagle rays, devil rays as well as the large mantas. You will also get to enjoy a view of the thousands of reef fish.

sipadanTurtle Cave/Drop-Off: This point was once voted as the best dive point in the world the most common as well as most known feature of this dive point is the turtle came which is a cavern that goes through the island. It is however suggested that you attempt to go into the cave only if you are properly trained. At the cave’s mouth you will be able to find thousands of bigeye trevally which will greet you as you ascend.

Other diving sites are the West Ridge, Staghorn Crest, Lobster Lair as well as Hanging Gardens. These are all found at the west side of Sipadan which is also the deepest as it plunges straight down up to 2,000 meters. All these are steep wall dives and the bottom is only seen when the visibility is at 40 meters. At this point you will be able to see the grey reef sharks as well as hammerheads all of which love resting 60m deep on the plateaus.