A Guide to Cobbold Gorge Tours for Travelers

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Cobbold Gorge Tours offer scenic views and excitement. It is located only six hours from Townsville or Cairns in the Gulf Savannah. Cobbold Gorge and is easy to get to by road, air, or train. The gorge was formed by the movement of the earth’s crust, geological processes, and torrential rains. Over 1,700 million years later we have the spectacular natural gorge which covers an area of about 80 square kilometres. The cliffs of the gorge soar to 30 metres and in some places the gorge narrows to just two metres wide.

Cobbold Gorge Tours

For protection of the environment only guided tours are permitted in the actual gorge. Tours include a boat tour of the gorge and then you will be transported by all-terrain vehicles to Robin Hood Station and across the Robertson River. While on the tour you will be astonished by the natural cliffs and geological formations. You can also take a guided bushwalk up to the top of the escarpment to see the magnificent view of the gorge. Be sure to take plenty of sunscreen, wear a hat and covered walking shoes, and take along water. Also have a camera ready with plenty of film or memory so you can record all of the sites. You can also take a helicopter tour for the ultimate scenic experience.

Robin Hood Cattle Station Experience

If you’ve ever wondered about what life is like at a cattle station, you need to take the Robin Hood Cattle Station Experience tour. This four hour tour takes place at an actual working cattle station in the Queensland Outback right in the heart of the Gulf Savannah. Legend has it that Robin Hood Station got its name for its close proximity to the Sherwood mining lease. Simon and Gaye Terry are third generation cattlemen and are the current managers.

You will visit the cattle yards, outbuildings, and dams while learning about the cattle industry. Learn about the history of the industry and the challenges faced by today’s cattlemen. There is a minimum number of people required for this tour, so be sure to call ahead for details.

The Ultimate Outback Adventure and Helicopter Tours

For the ultimate outback adventure, take the special guided tour and see the highlights of Cobbold Gorge. You will experience the majesty of the towering sandstone arches, explore Adullams shelter, go agate fossicking, visit the grave of the early explorer John Corbett, and take a boat cruise through the Cobbold Gorge.

A helicopter tour offers you the most flexibility. You can explore and discover areas of the Cobbold Gorge which are not accessible any other way. You can appreciate all the beauty of the area from the air, and really appreciate the splendor. A helicopter tour can be designed to fit almost any budget.

Tour Prices

Prices vary for the tours, and it is recommended you call in advance to make reservations. Gorge Tours cost $75.00 for adults and $37.50 for children. You can also get a family rate for $205. The Robin Hood Cattle Station Experience runs from June to August and is $80 for adults and $40 for children. The Ultimate Outback Adventure costs $149 per person, and helicopter tours start at $145 per person for 12 minutes flight.

Cobbold Gorge Tours

Cobbold Gorge Tours

The Cobbold Gorge is a natural wonder located in Gulf Savannah of the Queensland Outback. If you’re looking for spectacular cliffs and an out of the way vacation, consider visiting Cobbold Gorge.

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