A Malta Holiday is Perfect for Young Travellers

Posted on Apr 1, 2017 | Travel Guides |

With the news that Malta holidays are among the cheapest in Europe, it stands to reason that they are also quite suited for young travellers who may not have access to a large income. However, even though that reason alone could stand, there are quite a few reasons young travellers may be attracted to Malta holidays in 2012. Let’s look at some of the aspects that could make Malta the perfect holiday for lower-income youths seeking adventure.

Malta as a Party Destination

The first blaringly obvious reason is that, like Ibiza which is undoubtedly popular with youth, Malta is a very big player in the European club scene. A recent British comedy that broke opening weekend records, The Inbetweeners, is about a group of four youths that travel to a Malta-esque holiday destination and their subsequent adventures clubbing, yachting and generally having a good time. This popular culture reference likely illustrates how young British travellers view island-holidays and, with Malta being as affordable as it is, it’s a likely destination for those travellers seeking to relive the film.

The Entertainment Scene

Speaking of the clubbing scene; Malta clubs do not often charge entrance fees for their nightclubs which only gives it more weight as an affordable destination. Reviews from Malta holidays and its clubs have shown it to be a strong competitor in the European nightclub circles. Clubbing in Malta is also convenient because of the proximity of the hotels with entertainment strips hosting dozens of nightclubs; anything that eliminates the driving aspect of a good night out is not only more convenient, but safer too. One such area in Malta is called Paceville and is considered one of the greatest clubs scenes in the world.

Aside from the nightlife, the weather on Malta holidays is perfect for hitting the beach which is also a popular destination for travelling youths. Part of the reason for Spain’s popularity with British travellers over the last 40 years has been their beaches, but lately Spain has fallen out of favour with youths on the move. With yachting, diving and generally lazing on gorgeous beaches all available as low-cost activities; a Malta holiday deals out the thrills without question.

Cultural Destination

Don’t discount a youth’s thirst for culture and art however; Malta also serves these up on a silver platter. With a rich history dealing with everything from pirates to exiled knights, this isn’t boring history by any means. Among the events a youth may be interested in is the Summer Malta Arts Festival, Valletta Baroque Festival and the International Jazz Festival. Malta holidays are not exclusive to the older crowd; there are more than enough thrills for the younger crowd.

Eugene Calvini is a writer and travel enthusiast; his latest stay at Bugibba Hotel in Malta sold him on the gorgeous island nation. Image by ramonbaile