Combining a Beach and Bush Holiday in Africa

Posted on Apr 8, 2017 | Outdoors |

If you’re one of those families that cannot decide where to go on holiday and are stuck choosing between so many, equally exciting destinations then perhaps you should consider choosing a destination that allows you the best of two worlds; beach and safari. In a continent like Africa you can spend time enjoying relaxing on the beach and exploring the native wildlife, making an enjoyable and rewarding holiday for everyone.

Family or Friends

If you are going away as a family, or taking a trip with friends, you often have to compromise on the location and the things you are going to do when you get there. If you combine contrasting experiences like a bush and beach break, then there is something for everyone.


Does a combined holiday mean hours spent in airports waiting for domestic flights or time spent on coaches taking you from one destination to the next? Although there’s always an element of travel when combining different holidays, the travel itself is part of the experience. For example if your holiday took place in South Africa and you were travelling from a beach break in KwaZulu-Natal to a safari in Limpopo, you could drive through the Drakensberg mountain range on your way to the Kruger National Park.


There is no better way of seeing Africa than by car. This is particularly true of South Africa. With a relaxed itinerary you can enjoy the drive through spectacular scenery like the Buffalo River Gorge in KwaZulu-Natal or take in the Garden Route along the south east coast of the country. It stretches from Heidelberg in the Western Cape, to the Storm Rivers of the Eastern Cape. Along the way, the white sandy beaches of Plettenberg Bay are an ideal place to soak up the sun.

Drive Africa

Driving holidays in Africa can take you across borders. A trip from Cape Town in South Africa to Maputo in Mozambique could be a little ambitious, but the 1250 miles of open road between the two destinations contains places like Blomfontein, Johannesberg and Pretoria, so there would be plenty of diversions along the way.

Final Word

Combining two different breaks in one holiday doesn’t mean that you’ll have to act as the travel agent by organising every journey and hotel room yourself. The holiday’s itinerary can be compiled by an agent who will be able to make suggestions on attractions within each location, so that the two elements of the holiday are combined into one unforgettable experience.

If you’d like to have a holiday tailor made for you that includes two contrasting activities such as a beach resort and the adventure of the safari, speak to The Ultimate Travel Company who can advise where is best to go.

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