Enjoy Native Louisiana Wildlife with Swamp Tours

Posted on Apr 19, 2017 | Travel Guides |

Taking a guided tour of the wetlands is one of the best ways to see Louisiana’s native wildlife up close. After all, many of them live in the water, which means the only way to view them is on a boat. The best time to find mammals out and about during swamp tours is at night. If you’re lucky, you may even get a chance to see larger species, like wild cats. One of the most common animals that can readily be seen next to the water is the raccoon, which will often travel in a small group.

Most people choose to take swamp tours so that they can see the reptiles that live in the state. For example, the most popular one is the alligator, which can easily be seen while it’s out of the water. However, once they’re in the water, it’s very difficult to even spot an adult alligator while you’re in the wetlands of Louisiana. The only part of their body that will be showing is their eyes, so you have to keep a close watch on the surface of the water. If your boat is loud, you probably won’t be able to find any gators while you’re out because the noise will scare them.

If you like to go bird watching, then swamp tours can be a great way to see many different species up close. For example, cranes are often seen in the shallow water of the Louisiana wetlands trying to catch fish. Other birds that may see include geese, gulls and birds of prey. Don’t forget that the species that you see will depend on the time of year that you’re in Louisiana. Some seasons will present very few opportunities to see birds. If you have children on the tour with you, then it’s important to explain why they should be as quiet as possible when the boat stops moving.

In addition to the larger animals, swamp tours can also help you get close to some of the smaller species of wildlife, as well. For example, swamp tours are a great way to catch amphibians, like bullfrogs, casually lounging at the surface of the water. Additionally, if you look closely while you’re boat is going through the water you may be able to see different types of fish, as well.  Louisiana has over 100 species of native fish, so there’s definitely plenty of opportunity to spot one!

Find out more information about swamp tours, and enjoy all the beautiful nature Louisiana wildlife has to offer.

Image by jc.winkler