Getting Fit to Make the Most of Your Adventure Holiday

Posted on May 19, 2017 | Outdoors |

Adventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular, not only with younger people, but people in their middle ages and older too. Whatever your age though, although these holidays are great fun, they can, by their very nature, be physically challenging and tiring too. To get the best from your holiday therefore, you should try to get into good shape well before you go.

There are some obvious pointers to follow in order to get fit. If you have become overweight for example, then take a look at your diet and adjust it accordingly and eat lots of fruit and vegetables too. This will also help to build up your immune system if you are going to a country where health may be a factor. It should go without saying too, that if you do smoke, you should stop; smoking will certainly restrict your fitness and you are likely to find yourself running out of breath long before others do.

Once you have followed these basics, then it is time to look at a training schedule. If you have not done this for a while, please do consult your doctor before starting in order to reveal any potential health problems that you may have. Providing that you are given the all clear, the following forms of exercise will help you to attain a good level of fitness in training for a challenging adventure holiday:


Walking is a great way to get fit and can easily be fitted into anyone’s daily lifestyle. If you are used to simply getting into your car to drive to work and then sitting at a desk; start by walking to work and make sure that you stay as mobile as you can when at work as this will help to build up your stamina. This is a great starting point for your programme.


If you live too far from work to walk, then cycling is a great form of exercise and providing that you use your gears sensibly and don’t push a heavy gear, it is not too punishing on the joints either. It is a great exercise for increasing the oxygen supply around your body and giving you an overall fitness. If the weather is poor, you can also buy indoor trainers which will fulfil the purpose too although getting out ‘on the road’ is both better for your health and much more interesting too.


Swimming is a good form of exercise that will help to improve your stamina and give you overall body strength without being punishing to your joints. It is also a great stress reliever, especially if you can fit your times around those where the pool is not busy.

Gym Training

Gym training offers a good mix of aerobic and anaerobic training and can be aimed at areas where you feel you are the weakest. Don’t be put off if you are worried about your body image. Contrary to popular belief, most gyms are full of a mixture of shapes and sizes of people who are looking to improve their fitness.

Weight Training

Weight training often conjures up images of bulging biceps and bodies that, whilst strong, look completely inflexible. Whilst it is possible to attain this level of muscle mass, very few actually want to and following a good regime will not lead to this. What you will gain however is an overall improvement in your body strength. You can also target certain sets of muscles which you may wish to do if, for example, your adventure holiday is likely to include a lot of climbing, in which case, strengthening your leg muscles will be of great benefit.

In all of these forms of exercise you should always start off gently so that you avoid any injuries and where there are instructors available such as in a gym, then use their expertise and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You should always aim to start your training as soon as you know that you are going on an adventure holiday though of course, even following a scaled down version of this at any time will give you a solid foundation which can be built on any time you decide to take an adventure holiday and you will have a good level of fitness on which to build.

Partaking in any of the exercises mentioned above will help you to get into shape and prepare for your challenging but rewarding holiday. And, with adventure tours in India, Africa, Latin America and beyond available at very affordable prices, the opportunity to experience the world as the great explorers once did is now available to all.

Image by Sea Kayak Oban