How Students Use Breaks To Do Overseas Internships

Posted on Apr 10, 2017 | Travel Tips |

A lot of students use their term time holidays to visit friends and family, take road trips, party and get caught up on much-needed sleep. Others take the time to work seasonal ortemporary jobs to save up money. Then, you have students that are looking to excel in their careers. Those that want to make every second count and every moment a newopportunity. It is these students who know that they can complete an internship abroad during one of their college breaks.

From a period of two weeks to six weeks (depending on the college and their holiday schedule), there are lots of internships overseas available for those that are interested infurther advancing their skills and careers while also living abroad. There is also the added benefit to those looking for internships abroad, being in a much smaller pool of candidatesfor the available internships. This increases the likelihood of getting an internship offer because there is not as much competition to go against.

There are numerous advantages to using your term time holidays time for a career advancing internship abroad. First, there is the adventure, being able to experience a wholenew country and culture for a few short weeks all while learning is an amazing experience that most people in this world do not get to have. Who knows, for some, the brief breakoverseas may well spark an interest that lasts a lifetime when it comes to travelling, living abroad and experiencing the food, people and places in an exotic culture.

Secondly, an intern in another country is a working professional who gets to meet new people and mingle with others in their career fields as part of the company. Whereby, if astudent on holiday just travelled as a tourist to the same overseas destination, they certainly would not be granted the same experiences and connections in that culture sincethey are only a tourist.

Thirdly, there are unlimited benefits to the sight-seeing available to an intern in a foreign land. For instance, a student going on an internship to London, England (see availablelistings at would be able to work in some great sights and historical places outside the internships working hours. Thereare some great summer events and places that should be visited while travelling in London for all students living there while on internships.

Buckingham Palace, which is the summer home and the official residence of the Queen of England hosts tours for those wishing to see the full extent of the grounds. PaddingtonStation is always a sight-seeing adventure for all new comers to London. The Palace of Westminster hosts tours during the summer months when parliament are on a standstillbreak for the summer. In addition to the sights, there are some great events that take place in London too that are a must-do for anyone in London during their time of operation.Events such as The World Shakespeare Festival and The Best of British are just two of these events that are spectacular for anyone to see and take part in.

If you are considering to travel overseas and are interested in learning about the available internships that are available to match your career needs, then you should look intogetting an internship.