Is Camber Sands the Best Beach in England?

Posted on Nov 8, 2016 | Travel Tips |

In the South East of England, near the ancient town of Rye in East Sussex lie six miles of uninterrupted glorious golden sands, known as Camber Sands. It is perhaps the best beach in all Southern England, because of its indulgent size, natural beauty and stunning nearby wildlife. In fact Camber’s unspoilt wild quality has made it the location of choice for countless films and television programmes. It’s easy to understand why when you’re sat amongst its desert-like dunes gazing at the sea view or pondering the enviable string of beach cottages that sit decoratively above these perfect pale sands. There are so few if any such seaside resorts left in Britain that have been so thoughtfully  preserved in respect of nature protection and architectural sensitivity.

In summer this is the beach to head for with or without kids! There is so much space and it offers totally safe bathing with its gentle tides and gradual shelf, and there are more than enough coastal guards on watch. Yes this is kid’s paradise, a place where they can lose themselves in endless sand and sea activities, be it sandcastle action, dune jumping or general unabashed freedom. For adults there is every type of water sport on offer, be it sailing, surfing or fishing and no fear of impinging on fellow sunbathers relaxing, picnicking or barbecuing as there is more than enough space for everyone. Out of season it still offers every conceivable water sport and is the best place for enjoying a bracing walk by the seaside followed by a gourmet pub lunch. To top it all off the parking is cleverly organised, with three or more large sites running along the length of the bay, and it’s so easy to get to.

Camber village nestles into the bay and is filled with more stunning cottages and loads of smart cafes, quaint pubs and restaurants that serve such great food, so that its worth coming for that reason alone. Camber has taken on the air of a trendy beach town, and London weekenders truly love it and frequent it, especially dog lovers as there are plenty of  Camber Sands pet friendly cottages to rent. That said Camber has not forgotten it’s not so humble origins. After all it has its very own Henry VIII fort, which is definitely worth a visit and you can still find fish ‘n’ chips on the menu.

A few miles away is the beautiful historic town of Rye which promises more fun, culture and history than you can poke a paddle at. A trip to Camber Sands comes hand in hand with a trip to Rye, as Camber sits in the middle of Rye Bay, which reaches into the nature reserve of High Weald, an Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB). Whilst Rye old town lays on the entertainment in the shape of Norman castles and forts, ancient battle sites, art galleries, antique shops and museums and even a chance to take a tour ride by boat, steam train or horse, Rye’s nature reserves and surrounding woodland are home to stunning wildflowers and wildlife such as wild boar and deer!

Image by R~P~M