Island-Hopping in Style – The Joy of Cruising the Canaries

Posted on Mar 5, 2017 | Travel Guides |

Island hopping in the Canaries is a great way to see the islands in all their glory. Approaching these much famed and sun drenched holiday destinations from the vantage of a cruise ship reveals their true majestic nature in a way that a land-based holiday never would. The islands are usually small enough to at least get taste of before heading back on ship. Taking an island hopping cruise around the Canaries is a great way to decide which islands you might like to visit in the future.


Take a tour of fascinating Lanzarote with its alien and Martian landscape. Nowhere is this otherworldly landscape more evident than up in the Parque Nacional Timafaya with its fearfully named Mountains of Fire or Montanas del Fueger as they would say. The natural volcanic curiosities of the island have even been incorporated into the architecture, and this is very evident in Jameos del Agua, an elaborate volcanic cave system converted into swimming pools, restaurants, and gardens. It even sports a 600 seat theatre which hosts a number of festivals throughout the year.


Tenerife offers visitors quite a contrast in terms of its fairly lush north and the somewhat more arid south. Taking centre stage on this dramatic island of contrasts are the magnificent heights of Mount Teide with its unearthly barren landscape flanking it on all sides. For a taste of Canarian village life, take an excursion to Masca, a beautiful village nestling high up in the mountains with mesmerising views of the island. For a spot of bathing, a beautiful beach is found in Santa Cruz, namely, Playa de las Terestas replete with palm trees blowing in the breeze.


This island has over 150 magnificent beaches with turquoise waters lapping their shores. Many rate them amongst Europe’s finest. Some of the best are Playas de Jandia and El Cotillo. You could enjoy a cruise within a cruise if you have the time by taking a small boat out to Isla de Lobos. Fueterventura is a popular destination with windsurfers and kite-surfers alike. Whatever you choose to do on the islands, there’s nothing like spending a day sightseeing and then getting back on ship to enjoy the evening’s entertainment on-board, perhaps in a swanky bar with some live music as you glide across the ocean. Some great deals can be found for your island hopping cruise to the Canaries with such operators as Royal Caribbean Cruises who offer some really exciting itineraries. Other cruise liners who offer itineraries around the Canaries include Fred Olson, P&O and Celebrity.

La Gomera

No itinerary of the Canaries should overlook tiny La Gomera with its lush hills and heart stopping gorges. Add to this the towering rocky cliffs bursting out of the Atlantic and you’re sure to enjoy some magnificent views as your ship approaches the island. Being only a small island, 25 km at its widest, you should be able to get quite a feel for La Gomera during your time on land. As you ramble amidst the lush hills you may hear the sound of whistles floating through the air. If so, it’s likely you’re listening to the ancient language called Silbo. This language, made up entirely of human whistles, extends far back into the past and was the chief means by which shepherds and other Gomerans communicated across the canyons and ravines. While here, visit the island’s capital, San Sebastion, and discover the connection to Christopher Columbus before heading back to enjoy a night on-board.

The Canaries are ideal for an island hopping cruise. With year round sunshine and not being too far from the UK, you’re bound to create many happy memories as you explore these little gems of the Atlantic. And what better way to see them than on a cruise liner.