Lads Holidays in Ayia Napa: Making it Happen

Posted on Mar 28, 2017 | Travel Tips |

Lads holidays in Ayia Napa are definitely up there with Malia and Ibiza for 2013 party getaways. If you consider yourself a king of the clubbing scene, an Ayia Napa holiday is a must do destination. It’s so cool, it’s Dr. Victor Freeze’s secret layer.

OK. The Mr. Freeze bit’s a lie, but only because the summers in Cyprus are so scorching you could fry an egg on the poolside tiles.

Also, totally appreciate that’s something your Dad would say after a few but, you know, it’s true. Thermometers don’t lie, like Shakira’s hips… apparently.

While there’s definitely going to be a lot going on in your life over the next few months. Completing COD Black Ops 2 , the new Resident Evil release, and autumnal party madness – work and studying aside, booking your 2013 Ayia Napa holiday needs to be top of your list.

Once you’ve browsed online pre-footie match with your mates, simply put your deposits down, bag any early booking bargains and then pay your balance off one small chunk at a time.

You’ll be so chuffed, you’ll do the Truffle Shuffle. You’ll see. Do iiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Ahem.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your mum will be packing your suitcase for you on this occasion – or that you’d want her to – so time to brush up on your travel checklist.

First and foremost, legally speaking, your passport, travel insurance, EHIC card and travel documents are all needed for a safe and successful trip abroad.

Once all that malarkey is out of the way, make plenty of room in your bag for beach binoculars, crazy hats, fancy dress, blow up (ahem) lilos and lots of protection. Sun protection, that is.

Seeing as your agenda is always filled with sports, essential gaming, and social events, getting your shizzle together good and early is a necessity.