Mini Cruises – the new trend in short break tourism

Posted on Feb 20, 2017 | Ferries |

Have you always wanted to go on a cruise, but been put off from booking just in case it is not all you had hoped? Now there is a solution: mini cruises! Mini cruises, a new trend in short break tourism, offer all the benefits and sumptuousness of a regular cruise, but instead of being committed to a minimum of an entire week – and more likely two or three – aboard the cruise ship, mini cruises only last up to four days. Single night cruises can be found, but they are fairly rare as a mere 24 hours does not give the ship long enough to travel any great distance. Two to four night mini cruises allow enough time for a reasonably distant port to be reached and allow the holidaymaker to form a realistic idea about what cruising is all about. If satisfactory, a longer cruise can be booked for the next time!

Cruises are available from the UK to Europe if the traveller wants to leave from a home port. Many mini cruises are available in Europe and ply a short route along the coast, taking in two or three destinations over the few days and nights available. It is possible to book the mini cruise and only embark in Europe, having arrived by a different mode of transport; plane or train, for example. This allows access to a much wider range of choices from the various cruise providers like Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises.

The advent of mini cruises has been welcomed by a segment of the population who are generally too busy to allocate entire weeks to a cruise. This group of ‘cruisers’ has expanded to include hen night and stag party groups. As mini cruises are of very short duration the crew, especially those on the entertainment side, work extra hard to make sure that every moment of ship-board life is full of excitement and activity for the passengers. Activities are more informal and there is a sense of fun and vibrancy on a mini cruise, brought on by the awareness that time is short and as much must be packed into the next few days as possible! The on-board night-clubs, generally quiet and unused on full length cruises, do a booming business until the early hours, the bars are open for longer and special performances are displayed. Cruise companies offer mini cruises as a taster session as much as a short holiday in their own right, and as such, will do their very best to ensure that passengers have a fantastic holiday that leaves them wanting more and ready to come back again soon.

Cruise Ship in Kotor

Mini cruises offer a time and cost effective way of introducing cruises to a range of customers who may not be able to afford the time or money to indulge in a full-length cruise. They are also useful for people who are not sure if they would like to go on a cruise and don’t want to commit money and time to a holiday that they may end up not enjoying. Being able to try a mini cruise with short duration is an excellent way to learn about cruises – try one yourself!