Planning Tips For A Fantastic Family Holiday To Iceland

Posted on Apr 13, 2017 | Travel Guides |

While the majority of us look forward to heading off on an annual vacation, when kids are involved things can be a little stressful.

The younger the ages of your children, the more stressful your family holiday can seem. However, the trick to a fun and enjoyable vacation is to do lots and lots of planning in advance. Do lots of research and take the little things into account, and, believe it or not, wherever you are going, your trip should run smoothly.

However, it is important to note that each destination is different. For example, the type of planning and preparation you would need to do for a trip to a hot country is different to what you need to do to prepare for a trip to Iceland.

To help you plan the best family vacation to Iceland, we have put together these simple tips below:

Choose your accommodation carefully

Many parents swear that the key to having an enjoyable vacation lays in the type of accommodation you book. The type of accommodation you book for your trip, regardless of whether you have little ones in tow, can affect the experience you have. That is why it is so important to do your research and choose the best accommodation for you and your family’s needs.

One of the best things about Iceland is that regardless of how much you can afford to spend, you will find accommodation to suit your needs. From camping holidays and farm stays to guest houses and posh hotels, Iceland has something for everyone.

If you are on a tight budget, then a farm stay or a stay in self-catered accommodation might be best suited to your needs. If you want to give your little ones a sense of adventure, then a family camping of forest hut holiday might be ideal for you. The type of accommodation you pick will depend on the type of holiday you want.

How will you get to Iceland – ferry or plane?

The next step is to think about how you will travel to Iceland. There are two main travel options, you can either take the car ferry to Iceland from Europe or you can fly to Iceland, it’s up to you.

The type of travel you choose will probably depend on what makes you and your children most comfortable. If the idea of getting on a plane with your children is too much, then taking the ferry may be the best option. Plus, it means that you would have you car once you arrive and would not have to pay out to hire one.

If you are traveling from the US, then you will need to fly to get to Iceland, which with a little one can be a bit tricky. But, if you are well prepared for each flight and pack lots of bits and bobs to keep them entertained, the flight shouldn’t be too stressful.

How will you get around once you arrive?

Think about how you will get around once you arrive in Iceland. If you choose to travel by ferry and have your car, then that’s ideal. But if not, then you need to think about your options beforehand.

The best way to get around Iceland is by car, so if you haven’t brought your car with you, you will need to hire one. In all major towns and cities there are plenty of car rental agencies. However, it is still a good idea to hire your transport in advance.

If you don’t drive, you could hire a car with a driver, take public transport or use a bicycle to get around. However, it is much easier to hire a car and drive yourself.

Plan your activities

Iceland has so many exciting things to see and do. From whale watching trips and caving excursions to shopping and enjoying the country’s national parks, there is something for everyone.

It is a good idea to get an idea of what you want to do before you arrive so that you can book in advance. Sit down with your partner and discuss the things that sound fun and interesting and look into the price and whether they are suitable for children.

When planning activities, it is important to think about the kind of things that interest your children so that you ensure they have a fun, enjoyable and memorable trip. For example, if your child is interested in nature and the landscapes of Iceland, booking a hiking trip would be ideal.

Pack the right clothing

It is essential that when you are packing for your trip, that you pack the right clothing for you and your family. The weather and climate in Iceland can change in a matter of minutes, and it is important to be prepared for this by bringing along lots of clothing for layers.

Pack each member of the family some lightweight woolen clothing, a waterproof coat, a thick jumper, and, of course, a pair of sturdy walking boots. For children who love messing around in the snow, a pair of welly boots is also a good idea, as is a hat, scarf and pair of waterproof gloves.

Think about food

When you are traveling with kids who are fussy eaters, food is one of the main worries when visiting a new place. Do some research beforehand and find out what types of foods will be available in Iceland that your children will eat.

While Iceland has some odd delicacies, such as boiled sheepshead, it also has some yummy ones too. Some of the best Icelandic dishes include smoked lamb, hot dogs, flavored yogurt, and yummy meat soup which is perfect for warming you up after spending a while outside.

If you are worried that there will be nothing your children will eat in restaurants, you can always pop to the supermarket and pick up some snacks. Just like supermarkets at home, Icelandic supermarkets stock a wide range of things. From meats and vegetables to crisps and chocolate snacks, there is a wide choice of foods available.


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