Quirky Places To Stay On A Uk Break

Posted on Jul 1, 2017 | Outdoors |

The UK is bursting to the seams with variety when it comes to accommodation options. While most people are used to the ordinary hotel rooms, quirky places to stay for a holiday with a difference in UK are endless.From ornate Victorian Water Towers, to yurts and tree houses, the numerous exciting options will make you never sleep in a travel lodge ever again!


Campervan holidays are becoming popular amongst holidaymakers in the UK. This is because they are affordable and offer a great opportunity to explore more regions within a short period. Campervans come in all shapes and sizes to cater for different numbers of people. Most of the campervans feature beds, cookers, fridge, fully equipped kitchenettes, internet connection and entertainment equipments such as DVDs and Screens. In short, campervans are like portable homes that take you from place to place.
The beauty of staying in a campervan is travelling from wonderful scenery to the next and do a full tour of Great Britain. It enables travelers to move from the rolling hills in the countryside to the ancient towns past mirrored-lakes without spending money in lodges along the way. Campsites are located in numerous areas along any travelling routes; mostly they are located in scenic locations. In some areas, authorities allow free camping and all you have to do in a campervan is pull over and spend the night under the stars.


Log cabins present man’s forward progress towards civilization. However, that should not put you off from staying in one. In the past log cabins consisted of hand-hewn logs, low ceilings and a raggedly sturdy fireplace on one side. However, modern log cabins feature stylish furnishings and modern facilities such as hot tubs, electricity, kitchens and large windows. There is something intriguing about staying in log cabins, they carry a built-in comfort that is rare in a brick and mortar home.
The UK offers a wide variety of superb log cabins in the most beautiful and serene settings. Whether seeking seclusion, family activity holiday, luxury log cabins or scenic beauty, you will find just the perfect on in any region of UK. You can find log cabins in Scotland next to an inspiring loch, in the beautiful countryside of Wales or in the mesmerizing scenes of the Cotswolds.


Windmills offer special and unique retreats to those seeking more out of a UK holiday experience. They are soaked up in history, the feeling of staying in a windmill that once worked providing flour for people in the past is a magical one. Though they are rare, they are often graded properties oozing charm and antiquity. These renovated windmills retain original features such as wooden beams on the inside and original windmill blades on the outside.
Staying in a windmill is an ideal way to create the most memorable holiday experience that is unique and immersed in history. One of the common factors of windmills is the fact that most are deeply set in the countryside. They also offer astounding views of the countryside and a sense of seclusion and peace that you might not find in an ordinary hotel room or apartment.

Photo by lydia_shiningbrightly