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Speed Dating is not only a great social experience but it is also a good chance to meet that special person you always have been waiting for. Additionally it is an easy and efficient way to meet a lot of other singles, to socialize, flirt a little bit or simply make new friends and contacts in one evening. Take advantage of this opportunity and have a fun and pleasant evening out!

Snooker Bar Cocteleria

Snooker Bar Barcelona is designed to be a cozy and elegant English-Style Club where people could play snooker, but its atmosphere is also perfect for speed dating events. Snooker Bar provides you with a safe and relaxed environment, which is ideal to improve your Speed dating experience. During the Speed Dating session you will meet approximately 15 singles in an evening, while chatting face to face in series of short 5 minute dates. The chats are divided into 2 different age groups at the same evening. Of course there is the possibility to chat and talk to the other groups before and after the sessions.

How it works

On arrival at the Snooker Bar, you will be welcomed by the friendly hosts, which are on hand throughout the whole evening to ensure that you have a nice evening and which is available for all your questions, remarks and explanations about the way it works. After the introduction, you have to sign up for your dating card, a pen and name badge.
As soon as everybody is arrived the Speed Dating sessions will begin. During the sessions, one part of the group stays seated, and the other group will rotate every five minutes at the sound of a bell. At the end of each chat, participants can tick on the dating card if they would like to see or talk to that person again. Halfway the dating sessions, there will be a short break to pick up a drink.

Including registration time and the break, the session will last for approximately two and a half hours. Finally, after the two and a half hours Speed Dating session, the participants have the possibility to stay at the Bar to continue talking to the persons they have just met.
Finally, after an enjoyable and pleasant evening, all participants take their dating cards home to enter the amount of ticks online on the dating website the next after. The website will give you an overview of all the ticks the participants have made the evening before. In case you have ticked someone who did not tick you, then unfortunately no further personal details will be exchanged. But if you are lucky and there is someone interesting, who is also interested about you, you have found a match! E-mail addresses will be sent to both persons and from now on it is up to you whether or not to contact that person who might be Mr. or Mrs Perfect.

Speed Dating is a good and enjoyable way to meet new people and have a fun and sophisticated night out. Additionally it is very easy, so why not give it a try?

Who knows, you might even meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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