Technology and Holidays

Posted on Apr 8, 2017 | Travel Tips |

A few years ago, the only item of technology most of us ever took overseas with us was a basic camera and rolls of film. Times have changed though and nowadays an increasing number of us are packing mobile phones, laptops, tablets and digital cameras when we head off on our annual trip to the sun. Although all of these items make keeping in touch with those back home far simpler, there are a few key points to bear in mind when travelling.

Airports and Flying

Electrical items such as tablets, phones and laptops should be packed in your carry-on baggage rather than checked into the hold. At security, many airports ask that laptops are unpacked from their cases and passed through the security scanner separately, and travellers may also be asked to switch on items to demonstrate them to staff. Many of the budget airlines will not allow a laptop case to be carried on a flight in addition to a cabin bag, and will charge extra to check bags into the hold. Always read the baggage information on the airline’s website before going to the airport in order to avoid nasty surprises at check-in. Laptops, smartphones and tablets can be used during a flight, as long as they are in flight-safe mode. Everything has to be switched off and packed away for take-off and landing.


We all go into holiday mode when overseas, and may take risks with our belongings which we would never take at home. Tourists are often easy targets for the opportunist thief, so it is well worth paying the extra few dollars or euros to keep your tablet locked up securely in the hotel safe while you spend the day at the pool. Furthermore, smartphones left unattended in hotel rooms or apartments may not be covered by iPhone protection insurance and replacing them can be extremely costly. Holiday insurance is a must have item for many reasons, and the section on what goods are covered should be read carefully. Some policies will not cover expensive technology items, and some will ask these items to be declared when the policy is taken out.


Getting on and off planes and to and from apartments or hotels can increase the risk of expensive technology getting broken or bumped accidentally. A good, protective iPhone cover or laptop case will give that little bit of added protection and stop screens from cracking. Laptop cases or phone covers are not expensive to buy, and should be top of the shopping list when preparing for a holiday overseas.

Keeping in Touch with Home

The main reason most of us travel with tablets, iPhones or laptops is to keep in touch, and to access email or social networking sites such as Facebook. Many overseas hotels will have free wi-fi for guests to use, and there are cafes and bars which also offer the service. When it comes to phones, roaming charges and data download charges can be enormous, so think twice before deciding to watch the latest episode of your favourite soap or uploading dozens of photos to Twitter, or the bill may come as a nasty surprise when you return home.

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