The Wildlife of Jersey

Posted on May 3, 2017 | Outdoors |

Jersey is a rich and diverse island when it comes to wildlife. It is home to unique and endangered animals, outside of the wildlife park as well as in it. So if you or your kids love learning about animals and enjoying the natural environment, then these are the must-see places that you should go.


There are many parks that you can enjoy in Jersey, varying from the well tended lawn to the tangled forest. If it’s a green lawn, a paddling pool and Victorian wrought iron work that you’re after, then head to the Coronation Park, located in St Lawrence. If trails and walks through woodland and farmland fields and over cliff tops, then Les Creux Country Park will be exactly what you want.


There are many animals that you might see on the island that occur naturally. Red Squirrels live in Jersey, because the grey squirrel was never introduced- and now it never will. Because of its warm climate, you will also see green and wall lizards on the island that grow up to 40cm in length.

Val De La Mare Arboretum

The arboretum was first established in 1975. It was created to nurture various tree species from around the world for generations to enjoy. However, as the years passed it fell into neglect and disrepair, with some trees overgrowing other species. In 2012, the local charity Jersey Trees for Life began working to save this collection of trees. It is now open to the public and the collection even includes a giant redwood specimen.

Durrell Wildlife Park

Durrell is an international charity that works to save endangered animals. Their headquarters and wildlife park are located in Jersey, home to everything from gorillas to bats to frogs to flamingos to turtles. You can also have ‘animal experiences’ where you can see behind the scenes or be a keeper for the day.

Le Noir Pre Orchid Field

Two adjoining wet meadows containing 32,000 orchids of four different species provide a beautiful site for anyone, and especially those who love flowers. The flowers also attract a wide range of wildlife too, such as butterflies, grasshoppers, mice, barn owls and more. At its best between May and June when the orchids are flowering, there are other flowering plants in the fields.

So if you’re looking for somewhere with lots of wildlife, then there’s no better holiday than a jersey holiday.

Image by Ruth Flickr