Three Fantastic Staycation Destinations for Summer 2013

Posted on Jul 2, 2017 | Travel Guides |

The summer is finally here and that can mean just one thing: RAIN! No, we’re kidding, although there are no guarantees against a downpour or few. It means holiday time!

However, in these austere times a lot of people simply can’t afford to jet off to distant land to enjoy their summer holiday. But that doesn’t mean that a break is off the cards. Not by a long shot!

If you are longing for a holiday but the bank balance prevents an exotic sojourn, you should consider the fun that can be had on a good old British staycation. If you stay in the UK you can drive or take a train or coach, saving you loads in travel expenses. Plus, there are some wonderful spots to explore in Great Britain, such as the following three:

1) Northumberland

For British holidays most people think to head south, but there are some awesome attractions up north if you venture up there. For your staycation you could stay in one of the wonderful Northumberland cottages available to tourists and explore local sites from Hadrian’s Wall to Lindisfarne, the stately homes in the area and the gorgeous beaches. It is not always grim up north.

2) Dartmouth

If you do choose to head south for your summer break Dartmouth is a fantastic choice. Firstly this is a truly beautiful town, with picturesque views of the River Dart. Dartmouth has some stunning sandy beaches that are just as good as those in Spain and France –  as long as the weather holds up! But it often does in Dartmouth, which is why so many tourists flock there every summer. Go in August and you can enjoy peak season and the famous Dartmouth Regatta, featuring amazing fireworks displays. Great for couples and families alike.

3) Isle of White

The ferry ride over to the Isle of White makes it feel more like you are going on a foreign holiday and this is a great destination if you choose to stay in the UK. This is a small island so you can properly explore it in a week or two, and there is plenty to do. Great food and drink can be found in abundance and the beaches really are beautiful on a hot summer’s day. You might enjoy a boat ride too to enjoy the coast from a fresh perspective.

Image by Glen Bowman