Top 6 Countries to Visit for Fashion Bargain Hunters

Posted on Mar 22, 2017 | Travel Guides |

For some people, travel is all about seeing the world. Others prefer to focus on the extras in life. Many travel guides focus on where to find the hottest designer fashions around the globe, but for budget fashionistas, finding the perfect bargain is the best souvenir. The following six countries offer up plenty of inexpensive treasures to add some international flair to any wardrobe. For added bargains, travelers should always look for the best credit card deals that work with their travel plans. Cash back credit card offers can turn a good bargain into an amazing one.

1. Japan

Japan is well-known as a trendy fashion destination, and not all of their fashions are expensive. Bargain hunters will have lots of luck looking for new outfits in outlet shops, especially in areas such as Kobe, Kakogawa and Hyogo. Japan has also enjoyed a trend of vintage stores, where discerning fashionistas can find Japanese designer labels as well as international brands such as Dior.

2. England

Known for rainy weather and palace guards, England also caters to those who want trendy outfits without blowing their whole budget. Major destinations such as London are packed to the brim with shops that cater to the budget-conscious. Thanks to the posh population, secondhand stores in areas such as Chelsea and South Kensington are stuffed with amazing deals on designer brands. Chain stores such as TopShop and Primark also keep up with the trends without hurting wallets.

3. France

France is one of the first countries that springs to mind when thinking about fashion, although it is also one of the most frou-frou and expensive. Fortunately, those who are willing to shop at Designer Depots can score some beautiful and barely-worn designer duds. Les Magasins Sympa Grande Marques also offers heavily discounted clothes that let travelers head home looking like Parisian models, without having spent all their money in clothing shops.

4. Vietnam

The ultimate dream of most fashion lovers is to own a pair of custom-made clothing that nobody else will ever wear to a party. In Vietnam, that dream can become a reality. Thu Thu Silk will whip up clothes that fit a shopper’s tastes and figure perfectly, for surprisingly low prices. Depending on the fabric used and the elaborateness of the requested item, travelers might want to save room in their suitcases for made-to-order, one-of-a-kind clothes that cost much less than friends back home will guess.

5. Italy

Milan may be famous for its runways, but it is possible to score enviable designer clothes without being a supermodel. The suburbs hide dozens of fashion label outlets that let budget-conscious shoppers imitate the runways as a fraction of the cost. The Mall, located near Florence, may have a simple name, but it offers major deals on all kinds of high-end clothing items.

6. Thailand

In addition to being a beautiful and vibrant country, Thailand is a bargain hunter’s dream. Bangkok offers clothing and accessories at amazing prices. Up-and-coming designers show off their wares for surprisingly low prices, and the massive Mah Boon Krong mall dishes up eight entire stories of nearly every fashion a shopper could dream of.