Top Las Vegas Landmarks

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Las Vegas is one of the most famous cities in the world, and every year millions of people travel far into the desert to experience the lights, glamour and gambling of the entertainment capital of the world. Situated in the heart of Nevada, Las Vegas is the cultural and financial centre for the state, and has a population of over two million people. Not only is Las Vegas one of, if not the most popular tourist designation in the world, but it’s also a growing family and retirement city. There are a number of famous landmarks in Las Vegas too, so let’s see if you can be persuaded to take a trip of a lifetime to Sin City!

The ‘Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas’ Sign

Funded and erected in May 1959, this infamous sign is one of the most icon structures in Sin City. Commissioned by Ted Rogich and created by Betty Willis and, the structure is situated right next to the Hai Golf Club, and just like most of the strip, it sits in the beautiful town of Paradise. The Young Electric Sign Company owned the sign for a number of years; however the design remains registered in the public domain. In October 1994, the sign was switched off for around a month as companies exchanged ownership – somewhere along the line, someone forgot to pay the power bill!

Las Vegas Vic

Although it is not official, the ‘Vegas Vic’ is the most commonly used name for the ‘Las Vegas Nevada Neon Sign’. Famously resembling a cowboy, the sign was erected outside the Pioneer Club in 1951. The sign’s design was received with positive reviews, and many felt that it was a departure from the typical typeface neon signs that littered the Las Vegas strip. From talking to waving, this sign ensured it was immediately accepted all over the city, and it even increased the amount of people that visited the Pioneer Club. Currently owned by Schiff Enterprises, the sign now sits on top of a souvenir shop.

Hoover Dam

Once known as the Boulder Dam, the Hoover Dam is a concrete structure in the Black Canyon, Colorado River. At the time of construction, the dam was a state of the art arch-gravity wall, and it was built in the midst of the Great Depression, between 1931 and 1936. Costing over 100 lives and generating thousands of jobs, the dam was controversially dedicated (and named) after President Herbert Hoover. Much of the dam was styled with gothic-inspired balustrade and eagle statues, and the roof of the dam was made bomb proof with over 3.5 feet of concrete, steel and rock.

Fountains of Bellagio

These fountains are a world-famous water feature that offers a spectacularly choreographed light and music performance outside the Ballagio Hotel. The fountains can be seen from a number of places on the strip, and they’re turned on every thirty minutes in the mornings and afternoons, and every fifteen minutes from 3pm onwards until midnight. Set in a 8-acre manmade lake, the Fountains of Bellagio are a joy to behold, and attract millions of tourists every year to stay at the hotel.

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