5 New Ways to Help Find the Best Travel Deals Online

Posted on Apr 23, 2017 | Travel Tips |

Bargain holidays have been a popular part of British life for many years now. Thanks to the Internet and all the new innovations that come with it, there are new and innovative ways to find the best travel deals online. From renting rooms and apartments from private owners, to accessing exclusive discounts, the possibilities for saving money are practically endless.

Bargain Travel by Bus

Over the past few years, companies like Megabus have begun offering bargain travel deals across Europe. Since the development of their low-price bus fair plans, it has been possible to hop from London to Paris for around £10. Similar offers can be accessed across Europe, and are ideal for those who want to avoid the high costs associated with flying and train travel.

“One Day” Deals

Money off sites have risen in popularity in recent months, and many deals now extend to vouchers for travel. For example, Deal Zippy features a dedicated travel section that allows customers to save as much as 75% off hotels, package holidays, and flights. This is a simple, yet effective, way to save money on packages that would usually be out of your price range.

Low-deposit Bookings

Due to the recent dip in the travel market, even high-end holiday providers are allowing customers to take advantage of early bird bookings with low deposits. From British Airways, to On The Beach, many package providers are now making it easier for travelers to book the holiday of their dreams.

Staying in Someone Else’s Home

One of the more recent trends across the travel market has been the emergence of websites that allow home owners to advertise their homes in their entirety, or just a room. Taking this option when going abroad comes with many advantages. Not only will you save money on the cost of your stay, you could also access great advice from those who know the area best.

Bidding on Cancellations

Like many other products and services, flights, hotel bookings, and packages have become available across auction sites. As many travel providers do not allow those who have made bookings to claim back the majority of the money they lose from cancellations, more people are choosing to sell their package on and incur the cost of changing the names on the travel documents.


Making the most of the above methods for finding travel deals online is a simple way to ensure you get your hands on the best deals. The more methods you take advantage of, the easier it will be for you to find a travel deal that meets your expectations, while staying within your budget.