Traveling Abroad and Staying for Good

Posted on Apr 6, 2017 | Travel Tips |

Have you traveled to a place and you just felt that you actually belong there? You are not the only one. There are a lot of people, who, after discovering the allures of a place decide to spend their retirement there, even if it means moving their whole life and trying to mix it in with a different culture.

Before the Move

Before making the move, it is important that you have taken into considerations things that may play a role in your decision. Consider your reasons for retiring in a different state, in a different country, or even halfway across the globe.

* Cheap tickets, This might sound weird but it’s true.. if you can go to a place where plane tickets are affordable you may be able to go home more often or have friends visit more often.

* Can you take living far away from your comfort zone? This is one of the questions you must ask yourself early on. Leaving home means leaving behind friends and family. It also means leaving behind years of memories.

* Crime rate. For your safety and security, check the crime rate on your prospective location. There are places considered to be extremely dangerous, especially for expats. Then, there are those places that are dangerous for everyone. It is important that you are moving to some place where you could be safe.

* Medical care. You cannot be in your pink of health forever. At one point or another, you will get sick. That’s why you should look into quality medical care as one of the more important deciding factors for the move.

* Assess the situation. See if the place on target is friendly on expatriates. Check out the tax situation as well as things related to politics and business. You would not want to be sandwiched in between conflicts. After all, retirement is all about a retreat. You should be able to enjoy a great time as the fruit of many years of your hard labor.

Once you are there

After making the decision to move, you must help yourself adjust to this new situation. Try to make friends, create bridges to social acceptance, and make sure you will make money enough to support you all throughout.

Retiring to another place or country is all about having to start over in all aspects. Be active enough in making sure your life is running as smoothly even when you are in an unfamiliar territory. It helps a lot if you have prepared yourself prior to the move. Then again, learning more about the culture and traditions will have to start once you are there. Be open to changes because that will help you keep an open mind to take in whatever is thrown at you.

A good tip for prospective retirees is to spend a year on a vacation home in your chosen place. That will help you grasp the way of life and see if it will suit you in. As a stranger in a strange land, you might be prompted to make a few adjustments here and there. If you welcome the idea of embracing a totally different lifestyle, go ahead. Nothing should stop you from making the move and enjoying a brand new daily routine.

Image by Corscri Daje Tutti! [Cristiano Corsini]