Travelling to India? How to Prepare For Your Trip

Posted on May 26, 2017 | Travel Guides |

Being one of the world’s largest and most populated countrys, with a cultural diversity that you won’t believe, it is no surprise that India attracts thousands of tourists every year to explore this exciting country. Before travelling to India be sure to plan your itinerary carefully, and ensure you have all of the necessary travel documents as well as your medical vaccinations against any unwanted illnesses.

Also important is to pack the correct things while also remembering to bring some local currency before you land, which can always be helpful. Here are some more tips for preparing for your trip to India.


Planning ahead for any trip is always a good idea, and even more so in India where you’ll find so much to do you might miss out on some of the best stuff the country has to offer. Plan an itinerary to give you a guideline of what you’ll be doing but remember to also be flexible. The flexibility will be useful for when you actually begin exploring as the infrastructure in some parts of the country can be unreliable and as such may disrupt your plans.

If you are travelling to India as part of an organised tour group then this will be of no use to you, as your journey will already be planned. However, should you be travelling to India without a group then be sure to book all of your flights, boat trips and train rides ahead of time.

Also important is to have hotel reservations made before you arrive at any of your destinations, or at the very least a list of addresses of hotels so that you might find one without too much trouble.

Travel Documents

As with any visit to countries abroad, a passport is essential. It will need to be valid and you will also need a 6 month tourist visa which you can get from the Indian embassy in your country. Passports can be applied for at your local post office or at your nearest passport office.


While India is very affordable by Western standards, coming with enough cash for you to survive and be able to enjoy your trip without worrying about running out of money is essential. Many places don’t accept credit cards or travellers’ cheques, so carrying lots of cash is important. Remember to always store your money safely. Be sure to check out the cheapest flights to India at and help save yourself some money before you even set foot in the country!

Food and Drinking Safety

India is not the most hygienic country will you visit, and as a rule of thumb only ever drink bottled water – never water from the tap. Also avoid uncooked meats and food, and stay away from drinking anything with ice in it, as the ice may have been made from tap water. If you follow these simple rules then you will minimize the chances of you falling ill during your trip.

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