Under the Cloud of a Tight Budget: How to Find Great Bargain Hotels Online

Posted on Apr 17, 2017 | Accommodation |

If your financial situation means that you are more Old Kent Road than Mayfair on the Monopoly board of life at the moment, don’t fear.  Hotels are still within your grasp and not just little plastic red ones.

The best thing about the internet is that you can now compare prices and find the hotel deals to help you in times of dire straits.

Here are the steps I’d take for finding and booking a good quality bargain hotel online.

Last Minute

Last minute deals are a great way to ensure a bargain, and there are plenty of websites geared solely towards providing the best last minute deals.  Five and four star hotel room prices are lowered to affordable rates, something around what you’d usually pay for a three star experience. This might mean that your plans are left a little bit to the last minute too, but if you can book a luxury hotel room for £80 a night instead of £250, then it could well be worth it!

Compare Prices

There are now several online sites for booking hotels that allow you to compare the prices of hotels which match your specification. You can discover hotels that meet your requirements, whether you a want three star hotel with breakfast all inclusive or a five star hotel with a spa.

It’s easy then to compare the prices of the hotels which suit what you want. This kind of transparency is what makes online booking so great; it puts all the power in the customer’s hands.

Read Reviews

Find out what other people have considered a bargain in the area where you hope to stay. Trip Advisor and other online review sites can be great for this, and give you insight and tips about which hotels are actually good value for money and which ones are just pretending.

Don’t be put off by one bad review, but don’t completely trust one good review either; it’s all about the majority vote, if guests are consistently stating that a hotel is a bargain then it most likely is.

Widen your Search

Use an online hotel booking system to find hotels close to, but not necessarily smack bang in the middle of your destination town or city. You can look on the map provided by the website to check where exactly the hotels are and what transport links are available. Varying the star rating or just searching all hotels within a specific area is also a great way to come across hotels that you might not have otherwise discovered.

Find Combination Deals

There are now loads of websites offering combination deals so that your hotel booking includes things like spa treatments, restaurant bookings or a show.

If you were planning on doing these things anyway, then booking this kind of thing can be the perfect way to save a few pennies. Websites like Last Minute are also perfect for this and often include luxury hotel rooms at a fraction of the usual price.

If you’re feeling stranded where you are, don’t, the internet offers up a world of possibility for travel. It’s all about knowing where to look.

Sophie McGovern writes for Hotelopia, an online hotel database that allows you to find hotels and book them online. Group hotel bookings online have never been easier; this is why everyone should try to enjoy a short holiday this summer! Image by DiscoverDuPage