Why you should get single trip travel insurance for your next trip

Posted on Jul 15, 2017 | Travel Health |

We all need to travel for various reasons. For some it may be for work while for others it may be for recreation. No matter what the reason for our journey, each of us can often face a number of troubles on our trips. These can range from flight/train cancellation, unforeseen medical emergencies, baggage loss etc. Each one of us can secure ourselves from these mishaps by purchasing travel insurance. The most affordable and commonly available kind of such coverage would be cheap single trip insurance.

Single trip travel insurance

It is a travel coverage that secures you for a single trip. A number of services are included under various types of this kind of coverage. For instance, there is the basic kind which looks after mostly the medical expenses, luggage costs (in case of loss), repatriation, while the more comprehensive kinds will insure you against  all of the aforementioned in addition with passport loss, theft of luggage, personal money etc.

In short, when on a trip the only way you can secure yourself against any risk, damage or loss is through this kind of coverage.

Advantages of Single Trip Travel Insurance

·         Medical – This is also the only way you can cover your medical expenses and needs when abroad. Any standard single trip travel insurance can provide you with reimbursement for any medical condition contracted abroad, any accident you face and even in the worst case of dismemberment or death, thus, allowing you to extend a form of life insurance for yourself, when travelling. However, the policies vary from company to company, covering different combinations of health conditions especially pre-existing ones.

·         Unwanted and unprecedented expenditures – Often when on a trip, your flight or train maybe cancelled and then you’re forced look for accommodation and extend your stay till the next flight/train out of the place concerned. Normally, this situation would leave you shorter on the cash front through no fault of your own, but if you’re covered by the coverage in concern, then you can rest assured that you’ll be compensated by your insurance provider for this inconvenience. Also, if your luggage is lost due to the mistake of your airline provider, hotel or railway service provider, then there are a number of such coverage extenders who’ll reimburse you for that too.

·         Cancellation protection– Often many of us had to cancel our trips due to various reasons. On doing so, we’ve incurred a number of extra expenditures like the non-refundable deposits on hotel bookings or flight tickets. A single trip travel insurance allows protection from such losses too, as any expenditure incurred for this purpose is paid back to the insured in full, by the insurer.

Thus, we can see how such coverage can help make our travels smoother and risk free. However, do not blindly apply for such security plans at the first chance you get. In order to make your trip and insurance cost effective, first calculate how much you’re spending on your entire trip then compare that with the premium you’ve to pay on the insurance. On comparison if you find the purchase of such coverage sensible proceed only then; otherwise there is no point in spending on such a policy if your trip is worth less than the premium.

Author’s Bio – Jonny Pean is known for writing travel blogs. He thinks that every traveler, irrespective of age, should have travel insurance like cheap single trip insurance, depending on his / her age and requirements.